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Kevin Patton’s Course Outlines

Why I provide outlines to my students

  • Even though I write several textbooks, no one textbook is organized exactly the way I teach my course. I’m sure that you are the same.
  • I have my students print out their outlines and bring them to the lecture/discussions class
    • They use the outline to follow where I’m going and where I’ve been (it’s a visual organizing tool)
    • They use the outline as a framework for taking their own detailed notes
    • The outline already has most of the difficult-to-spell terms already correctly spelled out for them
      • The online version of the outline links them directly to definitions and pronunciation guides or audio files
  • They use the outlines during the lecture discussion
  • They use their outlines during their online quizzes and tests
  • They use their outlines to find which passages of the text are most relevant to the course
  • They use their outlines to review for tests and exams.
  • I can easily supply my students with links to other resources including (not limited to):
    • Gray’s anatomy, Visible Human Project, and other anatomical specimens
    • Animations
    • Interactive learning activities
    • Articles and other resources that provide more information if the student wants or needs it
    • Related outline material in other sections of the course
    • PowerPoint slides that relate to each point in the outline

You can provide these outlines to your students!

  • Your students may find them to be a valuable supplement to their other learning materials.
  • You can simply link to lionden.com and let the students find their way, or
  • You can link directly to any of my outlines from your course website (or provide the URLs to your students)
  • You can import or copy the content of my outlines into your own course if you have previous written permission from me and cite the source as
    • © KPatton@lionden.com
    • This citation applies even if you adapt the material or modify it from the original!

      • Use something like “adapted from material © KPatton@lionden.com” or “portions from material © KPatton@lionden.com”

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