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Test Item Challenge

When you think the scoring or the test construction is mistaken

photo of referee with words: challenge test items; Think your test or exam items was improperly scored? Make your case!

You can fill in the form and scan or take a clear digital image and email or message me in CANVAS. Or you can simply put the info from the form into the body of the email or message.

Click here to download the Test Item Challenge Form

Clearly and completely explain the item and your challenge as if presenting it before a judge who is unfamiliar with this course and this test.

Tell what was in the challenged item(s), don’t assume I remember it (and I won’t look it up—you tell me).

Tell what your challenge is—what your answer is and why it reflects a good understanding of the concept in the item(s). Explain why I should accept your answer or proposed resolution.

References to a textbook, your notes, or another resource MUST include complete identification of the source and an attached scan highlighting the referenced section.

Your challenge will be evaluated on BOTH the point you make AND how well you make it. [One or two phrases will NOT do.]


Last updated: August 27, 2021 at 14:52 pm