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Some strategies you may not have thought of

Human anatomy & physiology is a rigorous course. But it’s an important one—what you learn in A&P is the primary basis for your health career!

Look through this whole list for some suggested tools. tips, and strategies for making the most of your A&P experience. Click on any item for more information.


Pre-A&P Foundations in Science (BIO 095)

A completely online, self-paced refresher course that covers basic stuff that you learned in earlier courses—this is the Getting Ready for A&P course! (Instructor: Kevin Patton)

A&P 1 Supplement (BIO 242)

A one-credit-hour course that you can take along with your A&P lecture and lab—this is the A&P Shortcut course!

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Online Resources

Study Tips & Tools

The world famous collection of study hints and shortcuts prepared by Kevin Patton with help from a generation of successful A&P students.

The A&P Student

Popular blog for A&P students features timely tips and study strategies that help you do better in less time! Sign up for the FREE newsletter.

Lion Den Learning Outlines

Outlines of A&P arranged by topic and featuring links to images and animations that help you understand key concepts. These are keyed to Kevin Patton’s A&P course at SCC—but they can be used by ANY student in ANY A&P course.  A&P 1  •  A&P 2

Books / Supplements

Survival Guide for Anatomy & Physiology

Tips, tricks, shortcuts, analogies, diagrams, and other helpful tools for make life easier in your A&P course.

Mosby’s Handbook of Anatomy & Physiology

Handy pocket guide useful in class, the lab, or in clinical experiences. It will also come in handy on your first job assignment!

A Visual Analogy Guide to Human Anatomy and Physiology

A must-have loose-leaf resources for learning concepts of A&P “the easy way.”

Mosby’s Anatomy & Physiology Study and Review Cards

Comprehensive set of flash cards for A&P.

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