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Student Contact Info

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Kevin Patton Ph.D.

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Kevin Patton Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor of Life Science
St. Charles Community College
Professor of
Human Anatomy & Physiology Instruction
New York Chiropractic College
Visit Me
Phone Me
Email Me
Fax Me
Other Methods
Make an appointment

Visit Me

St. Charles Community College (SCC)

  • I work from an off-campus office but I’m happy to arrange to visit with you on campus by appointment.

New York Chiropractic College (NYCC)

  • I work from an off-campus office so please email or call me

Phone Me

  • Phone:
    1·636·486·4185  |  Toll-free: 1·833·LION·DEN
  • Skype: kevinpatton

Email Me

Current students should contact me through the email feature of Canvas (SCC) or Desire2Learn (NYCC) during the regular semester/trimester schedule if it relates directly to the course.

Students who want to contact me about non-course-related topics, students whose courses with me have ended, and nonstudents should use this address to contact me by email:

Fax Me

Off-campus: 1·636·447·6159
Important: call or email me to tell me you’ve sent a fax, otherwise it might sit on this machine for weeks! And make sure it has MY NAME on it

Other Methods

You can set up a video (or nonvideo) voice chat with me:
Skype: kevinpatton
GoogleTalk: theapprofessor @ gmail.com

I generally do NOT accept communications via:

  • smoke signals (it’s bad for the lungs)
  • carrier pigeon (they poop all over the place)
  • pony express (talk about poop)

If you live in Nigeria and need my help to move a large sum of money, please contact my ass istant Manuel

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