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by Kevin Patton


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Tests & Exams

What are the due dates for the module tests?

BIO 095 is a self-paced course, so there are no due dates. However, you cannot take a module test or the final exam until after you have passed all previous module tests. There IS a due date for the Final Exam, and that coincides with the official end of the course.

I’ve passed all my module tests, but the Final Exam is not available.

The Final Exam does not open until approximately halfway through the course. So if you pass all your module tests before the Final Exam opens, you’ll have to wait for it to open. I know that seems weird in a self-paced course, but it’s a requirement based on college reporting requirements.

I’ve passed one or more tests, but my course grade still shows “0% F” in the “Total”—why?

Our course is a “proficiency” or “competency” course that is set up to measure whether you have attained proficiency in the essential concepts listed in the syllabus. To demonstrate proficiency, you must pass one test after another until you get to the Final Exam and pass that. It is only when you pass that Final Exam that you pass the course. Therefore, that “Total” column is not total points accumulated, nor is it an average at any early point in the course. Instead, it reflects only what you have done with the Final Exam that demonstrates overall proficiency in the course. Yeah, it’s weird compared to other kinds of courses in which the course grade is based on your test average or total.

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Last updated: July 28, 2021 at 16:27 pm