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CANVAS Communication Issues


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Communication Issues

How do I get in touch with the instructor?

In most cases, the best way to contact Kevin is by email—either through your @my.stchas.edu email system or by sending an email through Canvas. See Student Contact Info or the course syllabus for other methods of contact.


Will I be notified of start/end dates, deadlines, and other important matters?

Canvas announcements are always posted on the first day of the course to welcome you and get you started on the right path. Periodically, announcements highlighting the opening of the Final Exam and the end date of the exam (end date of the course) are posted.

All course announcements are (by default) sent by Canvas directly to your SCC email account. You can also have them sent to another email account and/or as a text to your mobile device capable of receiving texts. Please set that up as soon as possible so that you don’t miss any important announcements!


How do I set up extra email or text announcements in Canvas?

To set Canvas to post announcements to an alternate email, click on Account (left navigation bar), then select Settings, then (under Ways to Contact) make sure your SCC email address is correct. At this time, you can add other email addresses if you like. You can also add a text (SMS) address, so you’ll also be notified by text message of any new course announcement.

Ways to ContactClick to enlarge

Next go back to your Account choices and select Notifications. There, you’ll see a huge grid in which you can check (or uncheck) which devices where you want to receive emails or texts.

Pay particular attention to making sure you receive Announcements. All the other stuff is up to you (some of it we don’t even use in our course (but you may in other Canvas courses).

Notification PreferencesClick to enlarge

For more Canvas help, please use the Get Help feature in the navigation bar of Canvas (phone, chat, user guides).

Last updated: October 24, 2019 at 1:17 am