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Study Tips & Tools

Kevin's Stress Reduction Diet

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for Anatomy & Physiology Students

(Place on refrigerator after opening)


½ grapefruit
1 slice whole wheat toast
8 oz. skim milk


4 oz. grilled chicken breast (no skin)
1 cup steamed broccoli
1 fig newton bar
1 cup green tea

mid-afternoon snack

Rest of package of fig newtons
1 quart cookie dough ice cream
1 jar hot fudge topping


Two triple cheeseburgers
Super size fries
Super size onion rings
Giant size Pepsi or Mountain Dew

optional dessert

Bag of Heath Bar miniatures
1 Dove ice cream bar
Entire frozen cheesecake (eaten directly from freezer)

midnight snack

Large St. Louis style pizza with Italian sausage and bacon toppings
(reserve 3 squares to eat cold at 1 am, 2 am, and 3 am)
Six pack of root beer

DO NOT take internally

Here’s your virtual fortune cookie . . .

“To know that you know what you know, and to not know what you do not know, that is true knowledge.”—Confucius

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