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PRE-A&P (BIO 095)

Here are some pointers, tips, warnings, and advice for online tests and the final exam.

  • All items are “objective” items of a variety of formats
    • Multiple choice questions have several choices, one of which is correct (these items have choices with a round “radio button” for each choice)
    • Multiple response questions have several choices, and you can select more than one. If you don’t select all the correct responses, then you will lose credit.
      • Some items require all the correct choice to be selected to get any credit
      • Other items will give partial credit if only some of the correct choices are selected
    • Fill-in items have a blank into which you must type the correct response.
      • If a term or name or phrase is spelled incorrectly, the answer will be scored as incorrect—yes, spelling counts
      • If the response is ungrammatical, the response is wrong.
        • If a term is supposed to be singular (given the context), then the response HAS TO BE singular (not plural). Likewise, if the response should be plural, then only plural will be accepted.
        • If a response causes words to be repeated when the filled in sentence is read, the response will not be accepted. For example, if the item “The quick __ fox jumped over the lazy dog.” is filled in with “brown fox” it is wrong because “the quick brown fox fox jumped . . . ” is not grammatically correct. The correct response is “brown”—not “brown fox”
      • Perfect spelling and grammar are part of learning how to communicate accurately and professionally. For those of you going into patient care or managing patient records, accuracy can affect a person’s life . . . so it’s best to learn that lesson here and now—where you have unlimited attempts to get it right—and where no one’s life is in danger.
  • You must select the best choice (or fill in the most accurate term)
    • If there are several correct choices to choose from, you must select the one that best fits the item (most accurate, most specific)
    • If you fill in an answer that is broader or less precise than another answer that you should know, it will not be scored as correct
    • If you are told “use all that apply” then you must select all the responses that are correct, not just the “best” one
      • Any item that has square check-boxes instead of round radio buttons is a “multiple response” item and more that one answer may be given
  • The tests are cumulative
    • That is, each test will cover previously reviewed material (from previous modules)
  • Each item will appear indivually, one at a time
    • You must answer the question and SAVE it before moving to the next item
      • If you forget to save an item and move on, the unsaved item will be lost. You may not “get credit” for an unsaved item . . . so BE CAREFUL.
      • An item is not save until you SEE THE CHECKMARK in the test grid. You have to wait . . . simply clicking it is not enough!
    • You may not go back to previously seen items
  • When the test is over, and it is submitted for grading, you will immediately see the grade in CANVAS.
    • All the items will appear in the graded test.
    • The items will be marked in a way that you can tell whether your response was correct or incorrect.
      • If a response is incorrect, the correct response is not given—you must find that for yourself.
  • After taking a test, you should print out the graded test.
    • If you have to take the test over, you’ll want to use the old test(s) for reference.
    • When you prepare for the final exam, you’ll want to refer to your old tests.
    • When you take your A&P course, you’ll want to use your old BIO 095 tests for reference.
  • You have to achieve at least 85% of the available points on a test in order to “pass” the test and unlock the next test.
    • 85% or above is also the “passing” score for the final exam
    • Not all tests or exams have the number of items.
      • Different items may have different point values.
      • Some modules have more information than others, and that also affects the number of items on a test.
    • Why 85% to pass?
      • Most professional programs require a grade of B or better to pass.
      • You have unlimited attempts so that you can take your time to eventually master the concepts at 85% mastery or better. (Why not shoot for 95% or better, to be very well prepared for A&P?)
  • The automatic gradebook (the gradebook in CANVAS) posts the highest grade.
    • If you take another attempt and it is lower, the higher grade will remain.
  • If you think that an item is incorrectly scored, then notify the course director.
    • Requests that are unclear or vague (for example, “check number the question on the cell and see if it’s graded correctly”) will be ignored
    • Requests must include your name, the test/module title, the attempt number, and the item number. (ALL of this information is needed)
    • All requests must include detailed information on what you think is incorrect, and your evidence or logic behind your position.
  • All the tests and the exam are randomly generated from “question sets” in a very large test bank.
    • This means that each time you take a test or exam, it will be different from all other versions. There are literally millions of possible combinations!
    • Some questions are similar, but not identical. So please be careful—you may mistakenly give the wrong answer to an item that “seems familiar” but it’s really a slightly different question!
  • You do not have to take the whole test at one time.
    • If you stop a test, your last saved answer (and all the saved answers before that) will be stored. When your log back into CANVAS at a different time/day, then click on that test, the previous attempt will automatically resume from the point where you left off.
    • This means that if something happens in the middle of an attempt, you don’t have to start over.
  • The final exam is online
    • Earlier descriptions of BIO 095 stated that the final exam was to be taken on campus. That is NOT correct. Final exams are taken online at your own location, on your own schedule.
    • As with all the previous tests, the final exam will not be unlocked and available until after the last module test has been passed.
    • If you do not take the exam and pass it before the end of the course, generally no allowances will be made. You will have to repeat the course.

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