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You HAVE TO READ THE BOOK to understand the concepts of the course!   No matter how thoroughly you understand the classroom discussions, no matter how many computer animations you look at, no matter how studiously you pore over the notes –YOU HAVE TO READ THE BOOK!

Besides the narrative, the textbook also contains important illustrations, tables and diagrams to help you understand the concepts of anatomy and physiology.

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Here are a few proven tips to help you read the textbook Anatomy and Physiology more effectively –and in less time:

  1. Don’t read too much at once.  Never read more than a chapter at once.  It’s best to read only one section at a time.  That way, you won’t find yourself looking up from the book wondering what you’ve just read.
  2. Look it over before you read it.  Skim over the headings and boldface terms –and take a quick look at the illustrations.  It’ll give you a good idea of what you are about to tackle. Say the boldface terms (which may be found in a word list) OUT LOUD. That helps your brain learn it faster.
  3. Let your fingers do the walking.  It sounds silly, but if you read with one finger on the text and the other on the related figure, you’ll find you can read more easily –and RETAIN more of what you have read.
  4. Read it more than once.  The first time should be a skim (see a above), the second time a fast reading, and the third time a thorough going over.  It sounds like a lot, but it won’t seem that way if you do it this way –and you’ll be glad you did!
  5. Use a reading strategy.  There are many strategies for reading textbooks that study specialists have developed, each suited to different learning and reading styles.  Use the links below to explore some of these techniques.

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This video summarizes some additional strategies for reading and raiding your textbook for important information:

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