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Pre-AP Overview

by Kevin Patton

Pre-A&PFoundations in Science

An Introduction

Pre-A&P Foundations in Science (BIO 095) is completely online, self-paced refresher course that reviews the concepts you should have learned before taking A&P.

If it’s been a while since had high school biology (or its equivalent), or you’re not sure you remember it all very well, this course is for you!

One recent student said, “I really enjoyed this course; what a great refresher!” Taking this course during the session BEFORE you take A&P 1 will allow you to quickly brush up and be ready for the hectic and intense A&P lecture and lab courses.

This is the “Getting Ready for A&P” course!

Because this course is completely online, you don’t have to live near the SCC campus to take this course! What you learn will help you in ANY A&P course at ANY college or university.*

Get a glimpse of this course:

Enrollment information:

  • Pre-semester one-week courses
  • Fall/Spring courses are offered during both the first-8-wk and second-8-wk sessions
  • Summer courses are offered during both 5-wk sessions (early start and late start)

*SCC students: BIO 095 is an acceptable prerequisite course for BIO 250 (A&P 1)

Non-SCC students: BIO 095 will help you prepare for your anatomy and/or physiology course. For transferability and/or prerequisite applicability, please check with the receiving institution.  BIO-095 is a developmental-credit course.

Pre-A&P Foundations in Science BIO 095
is generally offered during the following mini-mesters

Pre-Fall 1-wk FA01 Pre-Spring 1-wk SP01Summer 1st 5-wk SU0
Pre-Fall 1-wk FA02Pre-Spring 2-wk SP02 Summer 2nd 5-wk SU3
Fall 1st 8-wk FA1 Spring 1st 8-wk SP1 
Fall 2nd 8-wk FA2 Spring 2nd 8-wk SP2 

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