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Pre-AP Overview

Pre-A&PFoundations in Science

This is the “Getting Ready for A&P” course!

Sure, Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) is a rigorous course. If you are well-prepared, you’ll find it easier to succeed in A&P.

Pre-A&P: Foundations in Science (BIO 095) is a “refresher” course that reviews and reinforces your prior learning of basic biology concepts. It fills in the gaps, if needed. It uses scientifically proven strategies to make sure important facts and ideas can be easily retrieved from your long-term memory when you need them. And you’ll need them from Day 1 in your A&P course!

Because this self-paced course is completely online, you don’t have to live near the SCC campus to take this course! What you learn will help you succeed in any A&P course at any college or university.*

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If it’s been a while since had high school biology (or its equivalent), or you’re not sure you remember it all very well, this course is for you!

One recent student says, “I really enjoyed this course; what a great refresher!

Another student says, “…definitely worth my time and energy in such a busy life… it ‘filled the gaps’ in the things I thought I remembered but I forgot… and this course was a great start after few years away from the basics. I enjoyed every part of it.”

Taking this course during the session just before you take A&P will allow you to quickly brush up and be ready for the hectic and intense A&P lecture and lab courses.

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Get a glimpse of this course:

Course Orientation (a brief overview)

Review Outlines (detailed list of concepts reviewed)

Course Syllabus (how the course works, learning outcomes, more!)

There is no textbook purchase required (but some free open-access textbooks are available if you want them)

Enrollment information:

Enroll as a student at SCC

Enroll as an SCC student or as a Visiting/Transient student

Find BIO 095 in the online SCC schedule

Pre-Fall one-week session

Winter (pre-Spring) 2-week session

Fall/Spring courses are offered during both the first-8-wk and second-8-wk sessions

Summer courses are offered during both 5-wk sessions (early start and late start)

Scroll down for list of mini-mesters that Pre-A&P is offered

Kevin Patton

Your Coach

Dr. Kevin Patton is an award-winning, highly-rated anatomy & physiology (A&P) professor.

Kevin has been teaching A&P for almost 40 years and during that time has found what works to make even the most challenged student successful in learning anatomy and physiology. He has distilled what he found and put it into this course. Using experimentally-proven techniques to quickly and (almost) painlessly pull all that biology learning from your brain—out of the past and into the present—Kevin also serves as your sideline coach to help you move at your own pace through the “mastery pathway” of this Pre-A&P course.

Dr. Patton has helped many thousands of students around the world through his web resources, videos, and the popular book, Survival Guide for Anatomy & Physiology. His  acclaimed A&P textbooks are sought after as easy-to-use learning guides. His empathetic, supportive style and friendly (if sometimes goofy) demeanor have made him a student favorite for decades.

Sound like the kind of person you want helping you during your “spring training” before the big game—your A&P course?

What Students Have Said

I just finished his 8 week pre A&P course, and absolutely loved it! He’s an amazing teacher, always willing to help you out, and provides great examples to help relate to the course. Since I will be taking A&P next semester I even went as far to buy one of his books, and I love it!

I took his online class as a pre-req for A&P; let me say he was a great professor to converse with back and forth answering any and all questions I had. Was extremely helpful and encouraging when I was getting frustrated. I DEFINITELY plan to take his other classes!

I really liked having Professor Patton. His course was challenging but not overwhelming. He made certain resources available which helped tremendously. Even though this was an online course, he is still available outside of class to contact if you have any questions. I would highly recommend him. Definitely one of my favorite Professors at SCC.

It’s Easy To Start!

Enroll as a student at SCC

Scroll down to the section that applies to you.
Non-SCC students select Visiting/Non-Degree Seeking Student

Find BIO 095 in the online SCC schedule

Follow the directions for registering for BIO 095

Pre-A&P Foundations in Science BIO 095
is generally offered during the following mini-mesters

Summer 1st 5-wk SU0
Summer 2nd 5-wk SU3
 Summer 2-wk SU5

*SCC students: BIO 095 is an acceptable prerequisite course for BIO 250 (A&P 1)

Non-SCC students: BIO 095 will help you prepare for your anatomy and/or physiology course. For transferability and/or prerequisite applicability, please check with the receiving institution.  BIO-095 is a developmental-credit course.

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