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Nervous system slides
membrane voltage
Membrane voltage
equilibrium potentials
Equilibrium potentials
local potentials
Local potentials
chemical balance
Chemical balance
signal transduction
Signal transduction
brain sand
Brain sand
white and gray matter
White and gray matter
gray and whiite columns
Gray and white columns
nerve structure
Nerve structure
senses in the head
Senses are in your head
autonomic pathways
Autonomic pathways
autonomic receptors
Autonomic receptor classes
Endocrine system slides
gland types
Types of glands
target cell concept
Target cell concept
hormone teamwork
Hormone teamwork
hormone categories
Hormone categories
endocrine disorders
Endocrine disorders

Only selected slides of images from the classroom presentation are given here.  Additional images used in class are available from
your textbook, Learning Outlines, and other resources.


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