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My Pronouns

he, him, his

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My Pronouns | Your Pronouns

I often append (he, his) to my name. These are my preferred personal pronouns—sometimes called preferred gender pronouns (PGPs). You may wonder why I do this. Let me explain…

I want my students, my peers, and others who interact with me to know my preferences, so that they can feel comfortable in addressing me. I suspect that few people will get my preferred pronouns wrong—a privilege of being cis-gender. However, it’s possible that I could have different preferences. This let’s everyone know that’s not the case.

More importantly, perhaps, is that introducing myself with my personal pronouns signals to others that I want to use the pronouns that they prefer for themselves—that I’m open to use pronouns for them that may not be immediately obvious to everyone. Because I want to be an inclusive guy—and an inclusive educator.

This is one small thing I can do to include everyone. Here are some tips for using inclusive pronouns.

So please, tell me your preferred pronouns! I want to recognize who you are.

Your Name

I want to get your name right. The correct spelling. The correct pronunciation.

So please, let me know upfront how to pronounce your name correctly. And let me know if I’m getting it wrong. I want you to keep correcting me until I get it right!

Last updated: April 11, 2021 at 16:05 pm