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Link your course website directly to Kevin’s Study Tips and Tools resources!

  • Link to lionden.com/studytips for the main summary of study tips.
  • Or, link directly to one or more of the individual pages.
    • You can explore these additional pages using the top page menu in the Learning A&P tab.
    • Copy the URL from the address window of your browser and use that as the link in your course or faculty web page
  • You can link to any or all of my study tip pages from
    • Any page in your learning management system (LMS)
    • Course emails or announcements
    • Your syllabus
    • Bulletin boards
    • Billboards around your town

All the study tips found at lionden.com are © Kevin Patton and may be copied into your own course material without prior written permission if you properly attribute the source, as in “Adapted from © Kevin Patton lionden.com” You are also free (and encouraged) to use the links to that material. For other uses, please obtain permission.

Tips and Tools for A&P Teachers

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