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Kevin Patton’s Teaching Slides

I have an ever-growing set of hundreds of PowerPoint slides, most of which have been used in my own Anatomy & Physiology courses.

pointing at a slideMany of these slides are animated, thus showing certain concepts in a way that you cannot do with a still image.

The slides are not always very detailed because, well, er, I’m NOT an artist . . . but mostly because I use the slides provided by my textbook publisher for the detailed stuff. Instead, my slides are the “cartoons” that help give an overview or illustrate a complex subject in a simple manner.

You can “look inside” my slides to see how they’re done . . . then you can do some like them yourself.

Animated BP Categories

Using the slides

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If you are a teacher you may use any slide for your own nonprofit educational purpose.

  • If you use my slides in your course, as long as you abide by the license identified in the Notes section of each slide
  • You can use them in several ways:

Commercial/professional use is available only with Kevin’s express written permission.

All slides © Kevin Patton, Lion Den Inc. All rights reserved.
Please see the Notes section of each slide for the specific license for use!
Feedback, suggestions, corrections are most welcome!

Samples of slides

  • These samples are just the “slideshow” versions. You’ll get the completely editable “full” version of these slides when you download the each set form the Lion Den Slide Collection.
  • Click on each image to open the slide to see the animations.
membrane transport slide
Membrane transport animations
cell basics
Cell basics
signal transduction
Signal transduction
Serial endosymbiosis
Layers of skin
Layers of the epidermis
UV penetration
osteon structure
Osteon development & structure
bone remodeling
Bone remodeling
myoglobin vs hemoglobin
Myoglobin vs hemoglobin


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