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Student Understanding

PRE-A&P (BIO 095)

I understand that I am subject to all the policies and procedures outlined in the course information published in handouts and at www.lionden.com, CANVAS, and in SCC documents, including but not limited to the following.

The course policies and schedule are subject to change to meet the needs of the students and the college. I am responsible for monitoring the web sites for updates and changes.

I am responsible for my own academic integrity and understand that breaches of academic honesty, which include obtaining, distributing, or using test/exam answers and written material dishonestly, may risk a reduction in grade (perhaps “F” for the course) or other resolution under the college’s academic integrity or discipline procedures (including possible suspension or expulsion).

I am expected to conduct myself in a courteous and mature manner, including being responsible for my own learning, performing tasks on time, and allowing others in the college freedom from annoyance and distraction.

I am responsible for maintaining my own attendance record (by participation in the online tests) honestly. Dishonesty in self-reporting attendance is a type of academic dishonesty and in some cases may be a federal offense.

I understand that frequent or prolonged absence from my course preparation is likely to lower my performance on tests and exams.

I understand that help is available to me from the instructor, at the course and college web sites, at the college Learning Resource Center (Library and ACE Center), from the First Alert Program, and other resources both on and off campus.

I am responsible for taking online tests on time and it is up to me to resolve computer issues with the CANVAS help staff before online tests are due for completion (that is, by the end of the semester/session).

I will read all of the posted course information on a timely basis.

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