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Resources and Tips for A&P Professors

A&P Teacher Resources

Does teaching A&P sometimes feel like herding cats?

Teacher thrown to the lions!

Teaching Slides

Kevin’s homegrown, tasty PowerPoint slides that supplement the images found in A&P textbooks. Many of the slides are animated to help teach central concepts.

Lab Supplies

List of links to suppliers of equipment and consumables for A&P lab courses.

Learning Outlines

Use these interactive outlines as a template for your own course, or use them as student study aids.

A&P Textbooks

Kevin’s recommendations for textbooks, lab manuals, and more!

Study Tips & Tools

Link to Kevin’s study tips to help your students succeed!


Information about opportunities to network with other A&P teachers.

Masters Degree in A&P Instruction

Let Kevin and other experienced A&P professors mentor you in a highly successful graduate program designed for teachers of undergrad A&P. The Master of Science in Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction (MS-HAPI) is a mostly online program that combines biology content with practical teaching strategies.


Kevin’s blogs for A&P teachers and students provide practical tips for student success! Brief articles include witty, insightful, and odor-free commentary, science updates, and teaching strategies.

The A&P Professor for A&P faculty

The A&P Student for A&P students

Anatomy & Physiology for A&P faculty using Patton’s A&P textbook

o-log-y using the language of A&P

Lion Tamers Guide to Teaching for all faculty

The Electronic Professor for faculty using electronic teaching tools

Tips and Tools for A&P Teachers

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Tips, content updates, teaching tools, resource links, and conversations related to teaching and learning human anatomy and physiology.

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